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Pent in their vast and festering charnel-house, all organization and cohesion lost, they could do naught but die.
When the horses were swollen out to about twice their natural dimensions (there seems to be an idea here, that this kind of inflation improves their going), we went forward again, through mud and mire, and damp, and festering heat, and brake and bush, attended always by the music of the frogs and pigs, until nearly noon, when we halted at a place called Belleville.
The street is broad, the shops are spacious, the noise of passing vehicles, the footsteps of a perpetual stream of people--all the busy sounds of traffic, resound in it from morn to midnight; but the streets around are mean and close; poverty and debauchery lie festering in the crowded alleys; want and misfortune are pent up in the narrow prison; an air of gloom and dreariness seems, in my eyes at least, to hang about the scene, and to impart to it a squalid and sickly hue.
But, with its But, with its wide sleeves, lashings of lace and slightly off-white shade, the frock brings to mind visions of Charles Dickens' Miss Havisham festering amidst the remains of her wedding breakfast.
We also have no doubt that, as part of this noble mission, you will draw world attention to the long- festering disputes that threaten world peace, including in our region.
DISSIDENT republicans have been left festering in the dark by changes to policing, Sir Hugh Orde said yesterday.
During our ever-warmer summers, these sacks could lie festering and rotting in blazing sunlight, bringing flies, rats and maggots.
The bugs bury their heads into human skin and draw off fluids, sometimes leaving victims with festering wounds.
But as Donnelly grabbed a fresh glove out of his Angel Stadium locker Wednesday afternoon, the wounds caused by his old one were still fresh and festering.
Epilogos Charities says waste removal is a major problem in the village and the bins will dramatically decrease diseases caused by festering garbage.