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All festering sores will need to be healed if need be through use of extensive surgery.
London's famous, festering fatberg lives on - and is getting its own livestream.
Modi had earlier on Sunday blamed the 'festering caste politics' in Bihar as the main reason for that state's backwardness.
"I wouldn't say there was overt bullying but people were made to feel insecure and as if they couldn't make decisions or do their own stories." On the Virdee row, the source said: "It had been festering for a while.
The world outside Westminster is angry about the festering sore of MPs' expenses with grotesque claims for duck islands, moat cleaning and phantom mortgages.
We also have no doubt that, as part of this noble mission, you will draw world attention to the long- festering disputes that threaten world peace, including in our region.
Summary: King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has urged US President Barack Obama to "impose" a solution on the festering Arab-Israeli conflict if necessary, a Saudi newspaper said on Sunday.
Rafa's assault was a festering sore but the biggest surprise will be if it doesn't come back and leave an even bigger sore via teethmarks on his backside.
Bilateral relationship between Sudan and Chad has been complicated by Sudan's festering Darfur conflict.
Moves to fortnightly collections proved controversial and were originally greeted with scorn by many residents, who said festering rubbish was clogging up their pathways.
During our ever-warmer summers, these sacks could lie festering and rotting in blazing sunlight, bringing flies, rats and maggots.
The bugs bury their heads into human skin and draw off fluids, sometimes leaving victims with festering wounds.