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CROWNING GLORY: The Worcestershire village of Little Comberton is festooned with Diamond Jubilee decorations.
SIDON: A cleaning campaign was launched on Sunday on the southern coast in Sidon, as students and teachers from the American Community School (ACS) picked up the abundance of garbage on the beach festooned with plastic bottles.
Biederman said he got the idea while traveling in England and Ireland, where pubs are customarily festooned with ornate greenery and colorful flowers.
Staff have festooned the department with the flag of St George, along with those from other participating countries.
NICE to see Garry and Minty in England tops, but shouldn't Albert Square be festooned with flags by now?
Beads, doubloons, and trinkets galore tossed from ornate floats by festooned and costumed people made most other parades pale by comparison.
Gillian Caldwell, from Wildwood, has run 55 marathons and her home is festooned with medals and trophies, but she shows no signs of slowing down.
Mensch und Sonne (all works 2005) is a poolside view from within a compound whose architectural centerpiece, a panoptical aluminum cylinder festooned with eight protruding tubes, is as inconspicuous as a UFO landing on a Case Study House.
With a lacquered beehive that defied gravity and a silk goddess shill festooned with hand-embroidered flowers, she seemed less like a person and more like a renegade parade float.
Granted this intimate, 13-minute diversion looked a bit swamped on the Zellerbach stage, appropriately festooned with the eponymous candles and flowers.
The Technoscreen self-feeding gear pump and screening device produces single or multiple long strips of filtered rubber that can be cooled and festooned for feeding extruders or injection machines.