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Her cheeks and face really filled out in a short time, and she finally uncurled out of the fetal position enough to move on her own.
Fetal position changes are common during labor, with many babies assuming an OP position at some or many points during the labor process.
A fetal position may produce less back pain than other positions do, speculates Jenny McConnell of the University of Melbourne in Parkville, Australia, in the same journal.
They can only lie on either hip in the fetal position, and therefore they're extremely prone to developing ulcers on their hips and feet.
A blanket covers the bed on which a naked man lies curled up in a fetal position in Gordon.
Despite a series of blows that would leave many of us whimpering in a fetal position, she clung to what really mattered.
Sleeping Lying down can relieve a backache, especially lying in the fetal position (curled up on your side).
A 43-year-old Indianapolis nurse had to "get in a fetal position to deal with the cramps.
At the slightest reminder of the incident--the sound of a police siren or a meeting with his lawyers--Marcus is apt to retreat even further into himself, curl up in the fetal position, and suck his thumb, his mother says.
The women wore a diaper fashioned from a vacuum cleaner bag and was found on the kitchen floor in the fetal position.
If the dog knocks you down, roll up into a fetal position with your arms covering your head and neck and play dead; don't fight back.