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10) Fetal tissue transplants are also being examined as possible cures or treatments for sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, leukemia, spinal cord injuries, Huntington's chorea, epilepsy, stroke, cancer and AIDS.
Since the ban was lifted, scientists and ethicists have questioned whether the effectiveness of fetal tissue transplants has been exaggerated.
He strongly objects to fetal tissue transplants because he believes the American public is already so "desensitized" to abortion, he said in a telephone interview.
Fetal tissue transplants hold great hope for many patients.
Although opponents of fetal tissue transplants have often conflated the two, tissue from family planning aboritons may be used without implying approval of abortions to produce tissue.
1987: NIH receives a grant proposal for fetal tissue transplants using tissue from abortion victims.
Lindvall and his team of investigators performed their first fetal tissue transplants on two patients with Parkinson's disease in November and December of 1987.
The Yale University School of Medicine has also performed clinical trials of fetal tissue transplants in their Neural Transplant Program.
These include whether the results of animal studies justify human research now and whether fetal tissue transplants, including those within families, should be prohibited.
Indeed the alternatives to fetal tissue transplants are much more likely to work and come with many fewer potential negative side effects.
Curt Freed of the University of Colorado released final results from his four-year federally funded study in using fetal tissue transplants to treat Parkinson's disease.
The parallel here to the exaggerated claims for fetal tissue transplants a decade ago is uncanny.