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Following the performance there is an invitation for audience members to stay behind to share stories of women they know, or know of, who have also been Bonnie Fetchers.
Then, fetchers (notably the house help) didn't have expensive cell phones, and one could wait outside the school gate in shorts and sando for as long as one was recognized by the children one was collecting.
Justin has played with Sam and myself in the Wales Under-20 back row and you could say we're three fetchers, but we've all got something different to our games.
High-flying Frisbee fetchers and canine lawmen, with their state police handlers, showed their skills, and local dogs got to take a crack at an agility obstacle course.
I've watched dogs of a number of breeds that lacked any stylish, eye-catching traits, but were honest-to-God bird finders or flushers or fetchers.
Asda is hoping its teams of food fetchers will prevent tempers flaring at checkouts as shoppers who forget a vital item at the last minute can ask the Go Getters to go and grab it for them.