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She really has nothing to do except pose fetchingly in her underwear.
Even here the Saint- Simo-nians were far from original, but as a theoretical reformer their schema provided Mill with a grandiose conceptual framework that harmonized fetchingly with his regnant Radicalism.
However, Libertarianism covers a broader range of libertarian positions than either of these other books, and it does so in a fetchingly engaging way.
On the top half, he was dressed for Wimbledon with the top two buttons of his shirt fetchingly undone (still eschewing the medallion, though, disappointingly) while below the waist he seemed to be ready for Ski Sunday in the biggest, clumpiest pair of light tan boots this viewer has seen.
NICK wore a velvet cap with an ostrich plume that brushed fetchingly against his cheek, threatening to entangle his baroque pearl earring, and a furred cloak thrown negligently back over a doublet of black Florentine double-velvet resplendent with embroidered carnations.
3) is alate, smaller than most of the Mexican ones, but very fetchingly colored in dark blue, with golden brown femora and red hind tibiae.
Speaking of language issues: One of the most delightful characters in the play is the French-speaking Katherine, the princess of France, played fetchingly by Brooke Parks.
I half expected her to make the sign of the cross over the twinned onion-domed cupolas which pressed so fetchingly against her long-sleeved blouse.
But only if you never tuck your shirt into your underpants," said my wife, smiling most fetchingly.
Payne, described fetchingly as 'gentleman'; and John Hayns, the editor of the Hampstead & Highgate Express.
This little englober, metonymic analogue of England's grand reach and grip, is offered as all fetchingly lovely.