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I half expected her to make the sign of the cross over the twinned onion-domed cupolas which pressed so fetchingly against her long-sleeved blouse.
But only if you never tuck your shirt into your underpants," said my wife, smiling most fetchingly.
Or, as a clown-faced figure wearing a red bowler implies (he's floating through the work in which the penis appears in the fruit bowl), the nearly identical small figure emerging from his loins may be the birth of a mirror clone, red cap and all--or merely his fetchingly attired "little friend.
Payne, described fetchingly as 'gentleman'; and John Hayns, the editor of the Hampstead & Highgate Express.
This little englober, metonymic analogue of England's grand reach and grip, is offered as all fetchingly lovely.
The hostess, celebrating her 18th birthday, was fetchingly attired as Olivia Newton-John in a stretch Lycra outfit from the musical Grease.
The Last Bell ceremony was accompanied by a concert program and included performances by young waltz dancers in elegant dresses and crisp white shirts, stand-up comics, students fetchingly dressed in traditional folk costumes singing German and Kyrgyz songs and theatrical pieces.
Gormless Guy, fetchingly attired in red sweater, pale blue shirt and sage green trousers, was offensive enough, insisting as he did on addressing James and Ali as "chaps" constantly.
We were in the Brabant Tavern, an underground labyrinth based close to Prague's famous old castle where you step through the door into a dimly-lit basement, illuminated only by candles and fetchingly decorated with skulls.
Across her top, fetchingly pulled down from one shoulder, the single word HAITI.
Take their pink camouflage-style jerseys -no, not to the bin for they are fetchingly different in a silly sort of way.
The rules of Canadian football are familiar yet awry, like one's spouse sporting a fetchingly strange new hairstyle.