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The treasure buried, the blacks removed themselves a short distance up wind from the fetid corpses, where they made camp, that they might rest before setting out in pursuit of the Arabs.
His terrifying eyes riveted themselves upon the girl's face--she could feel his hot breath upon her cheek and the odor of the fetid vapor nauseated her.
In the past he had had experience with the rodents and vermin that infest every native village, and, while he was not overscrupulous about such matters, he much preferred the fresh air of the swaying trees to the fetid atmosphere of a hut.
Yet for twenty miles and more, through fetid swamps and poisoned jungles, he had carried him over his shoulder, fighting fiercely for the lives of both of them, while there remained any chance whatever of escape.
Ahead he fancied that the air was clearer - the fetid mists less choking - in the deep night-silence a few hours back he had fancied that he had heard the faint thunder of the sea.
By slow degrees, that strange doubly-blended odour, which the Commissioners had discovered in the vaults of the old palace-- which had sickened Francis Westwick in the bed-chamber of the new hotel--spread its fetid exhalations over the room.
Does the black fetid mud, abounding with organic matter, yield the sulphur and ultimately the sulphuric acid?
If a dog is urged to the attack, its courage is instantly checked by a few drops of the fetid oil, which brings on violent sickness and running at the nose.
In my deli, I'm greeted by enticing wafts of freshly-baked bread and roast coffee, but wholefood stores always smell thoroughly unwholesome, a rank mixture of mouldy Rooibosch teabags, dank wallpaper and fetid bacteria.
After a tuneless fanfare, up will pipe the disembodied sarcastic voice of Terry Wogan, demonstrating his supreme DJ powers by crashing the opening vocals of every song, and generally hovering over the contest like a breath of fetid air.
For several years we have suffered what has become known locally as the "Merciless Ming" - an all-pervading fetid stench which even finds its way into our homes.
To be honest, I'm cynical, given that the fetid odour of the husband's post-football kit bag hasn't exactly had me trembling at the knees for the last 20 years.