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Julie also revealed she had to rush to the rescue of another real-life fetishist - an 85- year-old judge.
So there we have it, a pointless owner, an average manager, a reviled sponsor, a ban-happy (optimistically named) media overlord and a myopic Harlequin fetishist designing our kit.
She has of late been involved with one Frank Walsh, a knife fetishist in both the real and the virtual worlds.
BBCA) A fetishist murders women in a horrific style that recalls unsolved cases from the 1980s as Season 3 begins.
Other of her more unusual clients include The Adult Baby, The Wrestling Fetishist and Count Dracula himself.
But along with the usual collection of show-offs, aspiring models and a sock fetishist, the group includes a PhD student, a former member of the Queen's staff, an architect and a choirmaster.
A TERRIFIED teenage girl was pulled to the ground as she walked home alone and robbed of her black patent leather pumps - by a shoe fetishist.
Most particularly, he's a clothes fetishist, obsessed by women's underwear.
A footwear fetishist who robbed women of their shoes, has been given a suspended prison sentence.
The two teams are both fairly well behaved, and even though referee Mark Clattenburg has been issuing more cards this season than he usually does, he cannot be said to have become a disciplinary fetishist.
Although even here, largely as a long-lasting afterglow of 19th-century Romanticism, the stage spotlight remained fixed on the ballerina, that almost fetishist figure of male adoration and female emulation, with her toe shoes and magic tutu.
8 FUNNY HA HA (ANDREW BUJALSKI) Often compared to Cassavetes, this twenty-six-year-old 16-mm fetishist is also the Rohmer of post-college malaise.