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The food in glass jars, especially the meat and cheese, feels slightly ritualistic and fetishistic.
Their topics include thinking difference as different thinking in her deconstructive genealogies, veils as textiles that matter, Irigaray and the female genealogical line in the stories of the Greeks, Antigone and the ethics of kinship, hospitality and sexual difference in Homer, her challenge to the fetishistic hegemony of the Platonic one and many, and uses and misuses of tradition in the articulation of difference and plurality.
Krueger also outlined the proposed definitions for fetishistic disorder, frotteuristic disorder, transvestic disorder, hypersexual disorder, and voyeuristic disorder, as well as sexual masochism disorder.
And where better to indulge it than that flickering, fetishistic playground void of the millennial age, the Internet?
Though it is one of the most well-written shows currently On TV, Dexter's fetishistic shots of rooms full of blood and dismembered bodies quenches those left thirsty by slightly more discreet scenes of ravaged, decomposing, sexually violated human remains that litter the likes of the "CSI" series and a seemingly endless collective of murder, cop and lawyer shows that are broadcast nightly.
Although a person may have a lot of fetishistic fantasies, this is not considered as a disorder unless it leads this individual to behave in a coercive and unreasonable manner, thereby damaging his/her sexual relation with the partner and causing distress.
There was something creepily fetishistic about juxtaposing the physical extremes so closely--and far less funny than when England brings on Airfix-limbed Peter Crouch and microscopic winger Shaun Wright-Phillips at the same time.
Third, sometimes it is better to relax Treaty rules rather than maintain fetishistic compliance while the economy goes down the drain.
Eyes are common tokens in Takashi Murakami's fetishistic repertoire.
Charles Keim and Robert Gehl both compare Gollum and Othello, but where Keim emphasizes the psychological aspects of the two characters, Gehl places his discussion in the context of racism, giving attention to Shakespeare's and Tolkien's respective developments of location in Venice and the Shire and portrayals of their main characters' fetishistic attachments to Desdemona and the Ring.
The first, a management school in Zollverein, has become a powerful icon of the Ruhr Valley's post-industrial regeneration, and like all their buildings, explores a language of ethereal reductivism, achieved through a quietly but determinedly fetishistic stripping down of form and materials.
He has uprooted his family -- ostensibly doting wife Evelyn (Lucy Cohu), predatory teen daughter Zoe (Felicity Jones, sporting a wig left over from "Pulp Fiction") and Zoe's twin Mark (Harry Treadaway), an emo habitu(hrt) who has a fetishistic thing for his portly middle-age neighbor (Melanie Hill) that is bizarrely reciprocated -- and dragged them to the seemingly idyllic Meadowlands.