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Melbourne, Mar 4 (ANI): The uniforms of Japan Airlines flight attendants are being sold to the local sex industry after they became highly sought after by fetishists, it has emerged.
Director David Cronenberg brought Ballard's infamous book about fetishists who have a sexual obsession with car crashes to the screen in the film Crash.
The only people interested in girls feet are foot fetishists.
Created by gossip mag fetishists Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr, the site is a never-ending stream of the most stylish shoes, must-have make-up and hippest hairstyles so you can give the fashionistas a run for their money.
Taking in Earl Grey, foot fetishists and the restorative power of cereal, this fantastical premise initially stumbled along.
Job-seekers are offered pounds 100 a day for 'wearing leather and stomping on S&M fetishists who enjoy being trodden on'.
Hanson, former editor of the niche porn magazines Juggs and Leg Show, celebrates not only the entrepreneurs of erotica who got rich by finding creative ways to supply men with masturbatory material but also the faithful fetishists, such as Bizarre founder John Willie and Exotique creator Lenny Burtman, who pursued their kinky visions with little regard for profit.
His new book, Lost Boys, is a photographic menagerie of young male archetypes from both the Old World and New: Russian street hustlers and soldiers, German skinheads, Toronto punks, New York City bondage fetishists.
Seeking to strengthen their near-monopoly on those topics in discourse in public schools, Darwinian fetishists would make monkeys of us all.
The film - made by the producers of "Calendar Girls" (and, really, that tells you just about everything you need to know right there) - follows the true story of a venerable English shoe manufacturer who staved off bankruptcy by creating a line of thigh-high PVC leather boots for fetishists and transvestites.
SCOTTISH courts are dealing with an ever growing collection of fetishists.
The bodies lusted after by the dead-eyed carnage fetishists in Crash tend to be long vacated by the time we see them, as are those that stir the hormones of the lead character, a necrophiliac undertaker's assistant, in Kissed.