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He had been anaesthetized and stripped of his weapons, and as he rose to his feet he saw that one ankle was fettered to a chain in the wall.
He raised his fettered ankle and examined the lock.
The fettered ankle halted his first step, but he stretched at full length along the table, extending eager fingers toward the prize.
It was a joyous reception the little party received when the blacks within the BOMA saw the long file of fettered friends and relatives enter the firelight.
There they fettered his hands, bandaged his eyes, and let him say his prayers.
I am fettered to a woman with whom I have not a single feeling in common.
Fettered Genius: The African American Bardic Poet from Slavery to Civil Rights.
One quatrain read "Listen all who never felt / For fettered genius heretofore-- / Let hearts of petrifaction melt / And bid the gifted Negro soar.
Fettered Genius offers strategies appropriated from postcolonial theory.
Fettered Genius argues that Brooks's characters, especially the women, achieve "an existential sovereignty," that fosters a self-understanding that resists the racist and sexist definitions imposed by both the dominant society and the black community.
Yet Fettered Genius argues persuasively that he was a profoundly political poet, for whom transcendence became activism.