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VASSAL, feudal law. This was the name given to the holder of a fief, bound to perform feudal service; this word was then always correlative to that of lord, entitled to such service.
     2. The vassal himself might be lord of some other vassal.
     3. In aftertimes, this word was used to signify a species of slave who owed servitude, and was in a state of dependency on a superior lord. 2 Bl. Com. 53; Merl. Repert. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Typically an interest-free loan was signaled in the notarial transactions as that sum lent to a person "causa amoris."(51) The sums of these loans amounted to no more than thirteen perperi, which we have seen could represent a servant's yearly salary.(52) The one example of a larger sum lent is the recording of a loan of 100 perperi made by Helena, widow of the Greek feudatory Iohannes Sachlichi, to two Latin men from the eastern end of the island.(53) Typically, family members were the recipients of interest-free loans in several of the transactions.(54) More interesting are the examples of servants and dependents, the humblest of free persons on the island, lending money to others.
The semantics of those lexemes Ca man who cuts the ties of his relationship'/'a slave made to be free after his owner's death') could reflect the situation mentioned above for the Ugaritic word: it could be used to designate someone who is no longer dependent on a master (wage earning), but who has become the master's 'self-employed (partner)' or 'collaborator', 'feudatory'.
This is attested in some cases in which the meaning is clearly trusteeship or feudatory designation in the strictest sense.
any evidence of a feudatory under a paramount ruler launching an epoch
feudatory (mahasamanta) Manadeva II, took power in his own hands
Occasionally, the rules could not resolve incidents such as the encounter between the Portuguese and the brother of the Feudatory Prince of Fukien on the imperial canals, where it was not clear which party had precedence.
Muang Rat has never been found, but if it were we might expect to find there a Jayabuddhamahanatha - one of the t wenty-three Buddha-images that Jayavarman VII is said to have parcelled out among his feudatory princes.
They are never explicitly styled as s[]mantas, but the R[]macarita emphasizes the important role of s[]manta feudatory chiefs in the battle strategies it relates (cf.
(182) It was, however, on the question of honour rather than personal safety that Ambassador Manoel de Saldanha was reluctant to take off his sword in the presence of the Celestial Emperor, a safety precaution the Chinese officials from the Board of Ceremonies insisted on following a recent attempt of a Chinese feudatory Oboi to assassinate the Emperor during an audience.
He used the word "feudal" and "feudatory" to describe the relationships between unequal states, and regarded Kedah as a weak state paying homage to Siam, a more powerful state, by either sending tributes or rendering services, or making some form of submission.
She further argues that the prime audience for a royal temple consisted of "feudatory princes, officials at the court, and Brahmin priests, all of whom belonged to the elite of the kingdom" (p.
11); (ii) tying the five planets and their associated terrestrial regions to stellar locations; (iii) the regular system of allocating the twenty-eight lunar mansions among the terrestrial polities; (iv) defining the astral correlate of an ancient feudatory as the celestial location of Jupiter at the time of enfeoffment; (v) identifying the celestial correlate of a locality as the asterism to which ancient inhabitants of that place principally offered sacrifice.