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Among the topics are feuding and peace-making in the Touraine around the year 1100, the feudal revolution comment, the settlement of disputes by compromise in western France, inheritances and legal arguments in western France 1050-1150, and 10th-century courts at Macon and the perils of structuralist history.
She added: "The school and the gardai will have to get assurances from the feuding families that they will not bring their row to the school.
This isn't the first time that high-powered weapons have been available to Limerick's feuding families.
He revealed there are 55 currently in custody directly linked to feuding factions and many more who are "happy to take their place" on the outside.
The two greatest basketball players in the world on the same team and it's nothing but feuding and backstabbing.
OFFICES at a newspaper were under armed guard last night after feuding families vowed to burn them down.
What: Quirky drama about the feuding owners of a funeral home and a drive-in theater.
Weapons of choice for feuding clans also include slash hooks, machetes, shotguns and even farm scythes.
At the same affair, Turner proposed taking his verbal feuding with Murdoch ``outside'' so to speak.
ULSTER faced all-out war between feuding loyalists last night after a bomb attack on terror chief Johnny Adair.
To try to mend this emotional damage, court-ordered programs that teach feuding parents how to stop, and children how to express their feelings, are becoming the norm rather than the exception.