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"Oh, I dare not -- she forbade my sending for you; and, as you say, I am myself agitated, feverish and out of sorts.
In a state between sleeping and waking, you noticed her entrance and her actions; but feverish, almost delirious as you were, you ascribed to her a goblin appearance different from her own: the long dishevelled hair, the swelled black face, the exaggerated stature, were figments of imagination; results of nightmare: the spiteful tearing of the veil was real: and it is like her.
In his heavy and feverish sleep, a veiled form stood beside him, and laid a cold, soft hand upon him.
The repose of the latter became more and more disturbed; and her sister, who watched, with unremitting attention her continual change of posture, and heard the frequent but inarticulate sounds of complaint which passed her lips, was almost wishing to rouse her from so painful a slumber, when Marianne, suddenly awakened by some accidental noise in the house, started hastily up, and, with feverish wildness, cried out,--
Under PASS, learners will observe the well-being of their own classmates and if someone among them is not feeling well or has colds and cough and is feverish, the sick learner will be reported to the teacher for validation.
Summary: Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Apr 27 (ANI): As campaigning reaches a feverish pitch for the fourth phase of elections on April 29, Gandhi scions - Rahul and Priyanka - are overscheduled, hopping places and addressing rallies back-to-back.
The response took the edge off Asian markets, which had a feverish rally the previous day.
Furthermore it is time the feverish antipathy to modern Germany is extinguished.
And, as well as having cold symptoms, you'll feel achy, shivery and feverish. Infection with flu virus often leads to other ear, sinus or bronchial infections.
Summary: Excitement reached a feverish pitch on the second day as hundreds of residents gathered at the arena to take advantage of the free sessions.
I have been feeling feverish for the past three weeks.
Over the past few months, however, feverish construction work has been in progress in Phase II Extension which is carried on into the late hours much after the Isha prayers.