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Their clenched teeth still clench'd, and all their limbs Lock'd up like veins of metal, crampt and screw'd; Without a motion, save of their big hearts Heaving in pain, and horribly convuls'd With sanguine feverous boiling gurge of pulse.
Meriasek heals the blind, the deaf, the crippled, the feverous, the leprous, and the sick.
38) Thus, Novy's choice of words lent the spectacle an unhealthy glow (epilepsy, tortuous, hallucinatory, disarticulated, feverous, obsessive) even as it authenticated the jazz by following the standard riffs on le negre primitif.
But nothing could dampen the feverous celebrations which followed for the Livvy fans just seconds later.
The feverous pursuit of exclusivity led GardenHome to court local artists and artisans, add antiques and one-of-a-kind pieces, and bring in containers of imported goods to help set the store apart.