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A binding, pledging, or coming together. A mutual pact, contract, or agreement.

An engagement to marry is a Bilateral Contract between two people whereby they mutually promise to marry one another. Formerly, a breach of the engagement to marry was a Cause of Action in several jurisdictions, but this is not true today.

An engagement letter is a clear delineation of an agreement that covers a particular project or employment. An attorney can require a client to sign such a letter to indicate that the person has been employed to perform specifically designated tasks.


(Appointment), noun adventure, assignation, assurance, commitment, competition, contract, covenant, duty, encounter, enlistment, enterprise, interaction, interaffiliation, interplay, interview, involvement, meeting, obligation, pursuit, responsibility, undertaking


(Confrontation), noun altercation, battle, brawl, clash, collision, combat, conflict, contention, disagreement, discord, dispute, fight, fracas, fray, skirmish, squabble, struggle, wrangle
See also: accountability, agreement, altercation, appointment, assurance, battle, burden, business, charge, commitment, competition, conflict, confrontation, contest, contract, covenant, duty, embroilment, employment, enterprise, fight, meeting, mortgage, obligation, occupation, pledge, profession, project, promise, pursuit, rendezvous, responsibility, specialty, stipulation, strife, struggle, testament, trade, undertaking, work


in English law, an agreement, albeit unenforceable, to marry at some future date. The agreement is usually marked by the man giving the woman an engagement ring. This gift is presumed to be absolute, so that if the marriage does not take place the woman may keep the ring; this presumption may be rebutted, however, by proof that the ring was given on condition that the marriage took place. Also an unenforceable agreement in Scotland.

ENGAGEMENT. This word is frequently used in the French law to signify not only a contract, but the obligations arising from a quasi contract. The terms obligations (q.v.) and engagements, are said to be synonymous 17 Toull. n. 1; but the Code seems specially to apply the term engagement to those obligations which the law, imposes on a man without the intervention of any contract, either on the part of the obligor or the obligee. Art. 1370.

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