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I am Iranian woman and I got married with an Iranian man but citizen of use. he came to Iran and we got married in Iran but he applied fiancé visa for me not marriage visa. now he left me and he doesn't want me anymore and he closed my case and i am still his wife and i really need to come over there and find him. can i go directly to usa embassy with my marrage paper and let them know about my situation. i cant divorce here by myself. i need to go to my husband. i need visa.


You can go to the Embassy and explain yes--
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Matched to Lydia, an Ilongga, who worked in sales at a garment factory by his sister, he went to Australia on a fiance visa. Wilfredo Lumanta used to work in Ship Repair Facility (SRF) Subic until the base closed, then migrated to Australia.
While many viewers accused Anfisa's marriage to Jorge of being a sham, she confirmed their relationship was authentic by telling viewers how the fiance visa "works," saying: "I see a lot of people saying '90 days is not enough to get married' [or] '90 days is not enough to get to know somebody' or asking 'Did you guys date before getting married?'"
WASHINGTON -- The United States will review the process of issuing the K1 fiance visa after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino that killed 14 people and wounded 21 early this month in the deadliest attack since 9/11.
In May, Lees was issued a fiance visa at the US Embassy in London.
"I paid PS1,000 for a fiance visa for him to come to the UK in July 2007.
" If you thought that applying for a fiance visa would not impact entry to the U.S.
The center also handles immigrant and fiance visa petitions, and while it does not adjudicate visa applications, it provides technical assistance and support to visa-adjudicating consular officials overseas.
The worried mum-of-three said: "We have pounds 700 to pay for the fiance visa but we can't put in for it, even though Alex said that's what we have got to do.
"Getting a fiance visa takes a real long time and when you get it, it's only good for three months.
"Far too soon it was time for me to go home and apply for a Fiance Visa to allow me to stay in England until we married.
"There is something known as a 'fiance visa,' where a heterosexual can sponsor someone they have met only once if they announce an intent to marry them within 90 days," according to LGIRTF's Singla, describing the inequities.
Last October 2018, the complainant said Sandoval, who claimed to be from the US Embassy, asked P5,600 from her supposedly for the processing of her 'fiance visa' application.