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Fiasco generated controversy when he said he's not voting in the 2012 election because there's no difference between President Barack Obama and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.
The Mathew Street fiasco damaged the reputation of our city.
David Higgins, chief executive of the Olympic Delivery Authority, which is charged with building Games venues and infrastructure, said the Wembley Stadium fiasco had taught them the 'absolute importance of planning.
Education, education, education was the slogan of New Labour, yet they simply forgot to mention anything about the crumbling schools fiasco.
This way everyone would pay in some way or the other,and I am almost sure they (counciland governments) would get a lot more money than they get at the moment, under the present way the fiasco of a council tax system is worked out.
The Transport, Local Government and the Regions Secretary also promised an end to the on-going mayoral fiasco 'within three weeks'.
And Joan, 50, who plays machinist Freda Wilson in her new series set in a textile mill, says just walking on to the set brought memories of her pie fiasco flooding back.
He presides over a shambles of a cabinet that make questionable decisions which invariably lead to fiasco.
In Limelight 1, General Fiasco are joined by the fantastic Wonder Villains (we've written about them a few times before) and Elspeth for a night of indie yuletide joy.
Rapper Lupe Fiasco has made clear his disdain for modern politics.
General Fiasco Buildings NORTHERN Irish trio General Fiasco wage war on staid rock with this batch of infectious guitar led tunes brimming with youthful exuberance.
Last night, politicians and organisers said Merseysiders should not let the political fiasco get in the way of them having fun on Sunday and Monday, when around 62,000 people are expected to descend on the city.