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Freddy was at his wittiest, referring to Cecil as the "Fiasco"--family honoured pun on fiance.
Broken bread and scraps of frozen macaroni lay upon the cloth and at the bottom of two soup-plates and a tureen; the macaroni had a tinge of tomato; and there was a crimson dram left in the tumblers, with an empty fiasco to show whence it came.
He kicked off his shoes and began pacing his room with noiseless rapidity; not since the night of the Old Bohemian dinner to Reuben Rosenthall had Raffles exhibited such excitement in my presence; and I was not sorry at the moment to be reminded of the fiasco to which that banquet had been the prelude.
"Well, after this fiasco I went into the bedroom and examined that also.
If I can offer some words of reassurance, Everton's current club secretary took over two months after those fiascos.