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Caption: "'Taint funny, McGee," was the signature Fibber McGee and Molly line.
" 'The Fibber McGee and Molly Show' charms with its old-fashioned homespun humor, while 'Pat Novak, For Hire' brings laughs through its cleverly tortured similes," Radio Redux founder Fred Crafts said.
Despite this, ahem, professional setback, Fibber is an easy book to read, thanks primarily to the fact that Jupp is a fine comedic writer, capable of maintaining a light, observant tone throughout what is an extremely funny book.
"Why, that's the 10-foot pole I use to not touch certain projects around the house," Fibber would say.
Philip Fisher Miles Jupp : Fibber in the Heat (A Cricket Tale) is at Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh, until Sunday
The name of these representative materials have been chosen depending on the shape, the dimensions and the fibbers arrangement, as follows: STRATIFICATION, symbolised in the paper as ST, for which the fibbers are long, and arranged in layers (Figure 1a), CHOPPED FIBBER, symbolised FT, for which the glass fibbers are shorter than 10 mm and randomly arranged (Figure 1b) and FABRIC, symbolised TS, for which the glass fibbers are long and resemble a woven cloth, arranged in several layers (Figure 1c).
SELF-CONFEFSSED FIBBER Lee McQueen, the winner of series four of The Apprentice
Dear Holy Father, I cannot tell you how thrilled we at Fibber, Spinmeister, and Mendassiti are to have your most exalted business.
Thus, Americans inevitably connected Bob Hope with Pepsodent, the comedy soap, Fibber McGee and Molly with Johnson's Wax and Jack Benny with Jell-O.
Tenders are invited for Low Back Revolving Chair Across Conference Table For Executive Officers With Heavy Duty Plastic Frame For Chair With Solid Fibber Plastic Wheel With Fibber Plastic Arm Covered With Cushion And Comfortable Cushion On Sitting Side And Back Of Chair Covered With Reene Back Cover Of Relux Company Code R-3035 Or Equivalent To Godrej Mild Back Chair And Pewrex Sitting Collection Code Psc-148 As Per Picture And Code Attached
TUESDAY MILFORD HAVEN: Torch Theatre (01646 695267), Miles Jupp: Fibber In The Heat (A Cricket Tale).