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The Interlock - 35 Fibered IDC Occlusion System is available in 31 configurations that include coil lengths from 4 cm to 40 cm, diameters from 3 mm to 20 mm, and three distinct shapes (Cube, 2D Helical and Diamond) to offer physicians greater flexibility to treat diverse vessel anatomy.
They look at complex hyperbolic lattices, rank-one isometries of proper CAT(0)-spaces, trace polynomials for simple loops on the twice punctured torus, the simplicial volume of products and fiber bundles, the homology of Hantzsche-Wendt groups, Seifert fibered structure and rigidity on real Bott towers, exotic circles in groups of piecewise smooth circle homeo-morphisms, and groups generated by spine reflections admitting crooked fundamental domains.
This will provide enough bandwidth for xDSL up to the upcoming fibered ultrabroadband access which is due to 2010.
Reliance and VSNL have already fibered most of India, including small villages, thus preparing the country for the global market.
For the surge brigades' arrival, each brigade TOC was fibered and a secondary fiber ring established for each JNTC assemblage locally for intra-brigade connectivity.
Patented is a personal care cleansing article comprising a water insoluble synthetic fibered substrate formed of a web with a plurality of slits cut through and into the substrate.