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Quantity or scope: Contract for the supply and delivery of amplifiers, receiving devices, to translation stages, fiber optic couplers and fibered optical elements for the University of Lorraine (UMI Georgia Tech-CNRS)
In vivo imaging of the bronchial wall microstructure using fibered confocal fluorescence microscopy.
Test method for metallic fibered concrete--measuring the flexural tensile strength, EN 14651.
There is an alternate way of computing N(f) when M is fibered over [S.
Part 2 discusses geometric properties of KAM invariant tori including the case of fibered Lagrangian deformation.
Blurred, woven and marbled fiber looks resembling hand-spun yarn are combined in a multidimensional network of color to create a matte finish with a fibered texture effect.
And to make sure that band width is not lost within the network infrastructure, the district's six buildings are fibered in a wide area network (WAN) which provides them with a 10 Gbps connection to their network core.
Recent Trends in Steel Fibered High-Strength Concrete, Materials & Design 32 (8-9): 4122-4151.
These thin fibered scopes allow for visual inspection inside of lumened devices such as suctions, shavers and the like.
New products also spurred growth in Boston Scientific's interventional oncology franchise; specific standouts were the Renegade Hi-Flo Fathom microcatheter and guidewire system (used to treat uterine fibroids and liver cancer) and the Interlock-35 Fibered IDC Occlusion System for peripheral embolization, a device containing a 0.