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Furthermore, FIBS maintains a very strong position in Sudan with its 33 branches and more than 100 windows located in perfect places in the country's capital, Khartoum, and other provinces.
Two FIB/SEM systems with gallium ion source and one helium ion microscope are also available for users to complete FIB work.
The innovative approach applied by FIBS assures that all of the bank's operations and investments are entirely consistent with Shari'ah principles; this approach was applied by establishing the world's first Shari'ah Supervisory Board, for the purpose of granting Shari'ah advice and to make sure that the bank's products, services and activities are compatible with Islamic law.
They go to the circus together where Doug-Dennis eats Ben-Bobby's popcorn, but then tells a fib saying he didn't eat it.
Parents should not be alarmed if their child tells a fib," said Dr Kang Lee, director of the Institute of Child Study at Toronto University who carried out the research.
A reader's Digest poll found parents tell the same fibs to their children that their parents told them.
The nation's top fibs were about: fat, clothes, age, price of shoes, reasons for being late, drink, feigning illness, sexual performance, love and cash.
The result is Big Fibs Little Fibs, the opening section of which landed Joanne first prize in a national newspaper writing competition.