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fibvault C Need to keep track of who you've said a fib to, or who has fibbed to you?
The innovative approach applied by FIBS assures that all of the bank's operations and investments are entirely consistent with Shari'ah principles; this approach was applied by establishing the world's first Shari'ah Supervisory Board, for the purpose of granting Shari'ah advice and to make sure that the bank's products, services and activities are compatible with Islamic law.
They go to the circus together where Doug-Dennis eats Ben-Bobby's popcorn, but then tells a fib saying he didn't eat it.
Researchers say there is no link between telling fibs in childhood and any tendency to cheat in exams or to become a fraudster later in life.
But 75 per cent agreed it was OK to fib to save someone's feelings.
The average man gets away with SIX fibs a day to their partner, boss and coworkers - 126,672 over their lifetime.
A reader's Digest poll found parents tell the same fibs to their children that their parents told them.