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Well look no further than the fickle shopper who like millions of people across the country prefer to shop at supermarkets.
In her final bumper outing, Fickle Fortune finished runner-up to Joanne One in a competitive listed event in Navan last month.
With four victories in the past 20 years, Noel Meade, who runs Fickle Fortune, is the most successful trainer represented.
As Asian populations age, governments must follow and tame fickle trends with policies on education, immigration and technology
Perhaps we are a fickle bunch but I have decided that Coventry City fans, or at least the few that I have chatted with this season, do not have high expectations.
Chronicling the battle against a host of life obstacles from bad grammar, drugs, and crime to paralysis-inducing political correctness, fickle lovers, and domestic violence, Nobody Roots for Goliath is a serious-minded, absorbing novel that reads like a true story because it draws so heavily upon harsh reality.
Weaknesses: Wallenberg, the fickle sponsorship game
DESPERATE Housewives star Felicity Huffman knows all about the fickle finger of fate.
Carnegie Hall Tower is packed with money management firms, hedge funds, and entertainment and media companies; industries where success can be swift and spectacular, yet fickle.
In light of this Gospel passage, we can be assured that marriage is hardly a "human construct," or open to some mythical evolution based upon the whims of a fickle society.