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This may be the case but look me in the eye and tell me that when confronted with finding a book that young people read for pleasure you don't automatically head for the fiction shelves?
Gunn's concluding point is even more chilling: that the literature that will become the next science fiction won't really be science fiction.
Good science fiction, of course, also has to tell a good story.
With a resurgence of science fiction and such TV series as NBC's ``Heroes'' still offering an escape from ho-hum Earth, science fiction and the fantasy world of dragons and griffins still promise an escape from an ever-shrinking world.
So influential has he been on the current generation of writers that Treisman says she receives at least a few fiction manuscripts each week from Saunders imitators.
Johnson's Buddhist perspective accounts for much of what can be understood from his fiction.
Harlequins single-title fiction offerings "will feature novels written by and about real African American women dealing with relationships and careers, while facing life's everyday challenges," says Senior Editor Mavis Allen, who will head the line.
The cluster course, Tracking the Criminal through Science and Literature, links ENG 107, Detective Fiction, and SCI 150, Introduction to Forensic Science.
Chabon's talk could have served as a touchstone for a spirited discussion of Jewish identity, fictional representations of the Holocaust, the relationship between memory and invention, even the state of contemporary fiction.
Johnson-Smith, a lecturer in film and TV at an English university, reaches the conclusion that unlike earlier periods of science fiction, "modern American sf fiction is neither utopian or dystopian.
2) The present demands placed upon fiction are unlike any it has experienced previously.