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My favorite fictional character is Pikachu from the book and TV show called Pokemon.
Newt Scamander is the fictional author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
Moreover, Rosales Herrera's reading emphasizes the subtle bond between autobiographical acts and fictional accounts in the interpretation of these two novels as testimonies of multiple selves of both an author and his primary protagonist.
Pupils dressed as a variety of popular characters including Superman, Dracula and Snow White while staff dressed as other fictional heroes including Traction Man, Willy Wonka and Superwoman.
Alan Palmer and Lisa Zunshine have published two important monographs (respectively Fictional Minds and Why We Read Fiction), which Herman himself lists under the heading of "Issues of Consciousness Representation" in the entry "Cognitive Narratology" for the de Gruyter Handbook of Narratology.
Nigel Rock, a former Stratford District councillor for Stockton and Napton, has published a fictional novel called Sure Strike which is based on real events of the period and what might have been, mixed with stories from his own family.
The paintings accompany a fictional story about a fictional artist who painted a fictional model who is accidentally discovered by a fictional art gallery (The New York Gallery) that Riddle trademarked.
The line-up for today's 2m4f test also includes not only Fame And Glory but the mare Fictional Account, whose County Meath trainer is sheep farmer Vincent Ward, who in addition to over 300 head of stock, has six boxes, four horses and no staff.
Hajdari says that the Albanian politicians are unconcerned about the number of around 200,000 fictional voters that are realistically around 20 MP mandates for Macedonians.
While fictional brands such as Wonka Bars and Bertie Botts' Every Flavour Beans have previously been brought to life, Duff is unusual in that it does not have the support of Twentieth Century Fox, the producer of The Simpsons.
The fictional Emily is forced by family circumstances to leave school at age 12 to find work in a garment factory.
They were also under the impression that Charles Dickens, one of the most famous writers in English literature, was a fictional character himself.