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Nevertheless, I react to Vermeulen's neglect of the role of fictionalisation in the autobiographies, which is implicitly manifested in his stress on the texts' "prosaic enumeration" of "South African particulars".
In his remarks on Youth, Attridge states that Coetzee's fictionalisations render "the notion of autobiographical 'truth' particularly problematic", but he solves this dilemma by stating that "the urge to confess may itself distort the representation of the past, producing an exaggeration of one's failings" (Attridge 2004: 161).
The hero of his Memory of snow and of dust (Breytenbach, 1989, the fictionalisation of his prison experience) is called "Mano" clearly a play on "No Man" (Reckwitz, 1999:96).
It is then certainly relevant that the Maniototo, defined as the prime reality awaiting fictionalisation by Peter Wallstead, by Mavis, and ultimately perhaps by Frame herself, 'also contains a hospital and a processing centre for immigrants'.
It can also be argued that fictionalisation takes some of the pressure off the written 'other': the reader understands that not everything said in the text is necessarily based on fact and that the text is devised as a means to "lie the truth" or universalise certain experiences.
Written on the hoof in 1971 as an attempt to record a fictionalisation of his odyssey through every mind altering chemical substance known to man while covering the Mint 400 motorbike race, Thompson's novel is a drug-fuelled response to his disillusionme nt with the way 60s hippie idealism had given way to the cynical selnterest and soullessness embodied in the gaudy American dream wasteland of Vegas.
Though its long-delayed appearance here renders it rather less timely than in America, where it opened at the height of the Lewinsky allegations, director Mike Nichols and writer Elaine May's adaptation of the novel by Anonymous (aka former White House a ide Joe Klein) still scores with its gradually darkening comedic political satire and exemplary acting as it ties sexual scandal to a sympathetic, not entirely loose, fictionalisation of Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign in the person of doughnu t-chomping Southern governor Jack Stanton (John Travolta) and long suffering but loyal spouse Susan (Emma Thompson).
His command over all species is questioned very deeply in fictionalisations of the heart of nature within the unfinished genesis of the Imagination.
Van der Post has provoked considerable controversy in recent years around what are seen as the fictionalisations and the mystifications evident in his work.
They place Mansfield in a familiar familial context as a 'terminally sulky teenager', 'alarmingly precocious' and serially passionate (10), and in a commonsense vein promise to uncover the men in her life from her fictionalisations.