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While the text is mostly nonfiction, the illustrations provide the fictionalization.
aid=/20031107/reviews/311070301/1023) Roger Ebert told a story of his own experience in a rumination on the 2003 movie, "Elephant," by Gus Van Sant, a fictionalization of a Columbine-like high school shooting.
But despite his fictionalization, many of my friends would know that Bellow had based Katrina on me: "Dumpy Dumb Dora divorced suburban matron confused sexpot passably pretty (with) varicose veins and piano legs.
Martha Bowden offsets biographical knowledge of Hester Thrale against the fictionalization by Beryl Bainbridge in her 2001 novel, According to Queeney.
Pic has caused a stir on the subcontinent due to its racy elements and fictionalization of the life of South Indian sensation Silk Smitha, and has cumed $13.
It said that the Ministry of Human Rights was not in a position to operate the fund without necessary amendments in Women distress and detention fund act 1996, adding that the fictionalization of this fund is beneficial for all classes of women throughout the country.
Stovel begins with an overview of the series, examining the "mythical microcosm of Manawaka" (155) not as the fictionalization of Laurence's hometown of Neepawa, but as "'a town of the mind" (quoted in Stovel 155).
Other important chapters are devoted to the exploration of American borderlands (Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca), the exotic representation of the Amerindian (Bernardino de Sahagun and Jose de Acosta), and the fictionalization of the experience of shipwreck and subsequent transculturation (Gonzalo Guerrero).
The effects of mass media attention and fictionalization are interwoven, in part to develop a concept of model theory.
It is a tricky undertaking to put words in someone else's mouth, and while some may enjoy the sense of immediacy that the dialog brings, others may dismiss it as fictionalization.
He begins by discussing the modes of the autobiographic impulse in Borges, surveying the theoretical literature on autobiography, and focusing on the fragmentation and fictionalization of the "I" in various Borges texts, including the canonical, "Borges y yo," and "Autobiographical Essay.
The fictionalization of a true story, "The Wolf at Twilight" is an intriguing and thought provoking read that should not be missed.