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Based upon a fabrication or pretense.

A fictitious name is an assumed name that differs from an individual's actual name. A fictitious action is a lawsuit brought not for the adjudication of an actual controversy between the parties but merely for the purpose of obtaining the opinion of the court on a particular point of law.


adjective apocryphal, arbitrarily invented, chimerical, commenticius, concocted, counterfeit, delusive, erroneous, fabled, fabricated, fake, faked, false, fancied, fanciful, feigned, fictional, fictive, fictus, forged, founded on fiction, illusive, illusory, imaginary, imagined, invented, legendary, make-believe, mendacious, misleading, misrepresentative, mythic, mythical, nonexistent, notional, phony, pretended, sham, spurious, trumped-up, unfounded, unhistorical, unreal, untrue
Associated concepts: fictitious address, fictitious claims, fictiiious corporation, fictitious debts, fictitious name, fictitious parties, fictitious payee, fictitious person, fictitious statements
See also: artificial, assumed, erroneous, evasive, false, feigned, illusory, inaccurate, lying, mendacious, sobriquet, spurious, unfounded, untrue
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In a two-page letter, Dumlao dismissed Catapang's allegations that she was one of those who facilitated the release of payment for the private properties used for road projects funded by the Department of Public Works and Highways in General Santos using fictitious land titles.
Sub-criterion no 1 ~overall and flat-rate price of the work operation case-study fictitious~ fictitious case ~~ 70% -
She warned that fictitious and substandard drinks may cause diseases like typhoid, hepatitis, diarrhea, different kinds of infections and tonsillitis.
The fictitious loans amounted to $342,348, but the total loss to the credit union amounted to $225,545, according to court documents.
Responding to a Calling Attention Notice raised by Asiya Naz Tanoli and others regarding indecent and fictitious advertisements on private electronic media and print media, he said the PEMRA and Press Council of Pakistan (PCP) took action against channels and newspapers for immoral advertisements.
The licensing agreement grants Fictitious exclusive rights to use the XYZ Force licensed property for "Pseudo Heroes[R] figurines and action figures.
I was always led to believe the Walter Mitty character was fictitious, but now I'm having my doubts.
The company is now working with law enforcement authorities in Ghana to have the fraudulent website shut down, and advising people not to respond to unsolicited emails from the fictitious firm, and certainly not to hand over passport or payment details.
BI insiders told me that the group is trying to punish me for that fictitious email.
Gareth Roberts, prosecuting, said Williams had worked for the council for 23 years but had set up his own fictitious company MPW Services with its own bank account, and he submitted invoices to the council for work carried out to properties which had not been carried out.
A proponent of the "sovereign citizens" movement and self-proclaimed president of the "Republic for the United States of America" has been convicted of conspiracy to defraud the United States through a series of seminars in which attendees were taught to pay their federal income taxes by filing fictitious bonds (Turner, No.
According to daily Sabah, the Ministry of Development estimates that fictitious imports overstates Turkey's overall import size by up to USD 5bn per annum.