fictitious story

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Gorrie replied by email, saying: "I've passed this on to our solicitors as any story you write will be based solely on Mr McVey's fictitious story and we will have no hesitation in engaging and pursuing libel for any story that is published.
This is not a fictitious story, it's real and it's taking place right now.
But still, this fictitious story - set against the backdrop of - what precocious German boy Bruno (Jabez Cheeseman) mis-hears as Out-With, asks its audience to take the kind of giant leap of imagination which storytelling, after all, thrives on.
The Policy Department of the National Defense Commission clarified Pyongyang's stand on the sanctions in a statement carried by the KCNA, urging Seoul to "immediately lift the ill-famed 'step'" because it is "based on the fictitious story about the North's involvement in the sinking".
ISLAMABAD -- The veteran Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani has issued a legal notice to a Delhi-based English newspaper for causing defamation by publishing a frivolous and fictitious story about the octogenarian leader.
Officers went to the house and took a statement from him, but it was then his fictitious story began to unravel.
In the fictitious story, told in distinctive white typeface, young Vincent, a Chinese-Australian is visiting Xi'an with his father.
In the fictitious story, he was born Vito Andolini and had to flee Corleone because the local mafia chieftain Don Ciccio threatened his life.
The book is a fictitious story about a racist politician with a secret black mistress and explores issues of English nationalism.
This fictitious story revolved around a huge (at that time) imaginary vessel hitting an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean on a cold April night.
He says: "It's a fictitious story, but it's very, very close to events as they are unfolding right now, in Great Britain with our ex-British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.
ANYONE who watched the BBC's The Chase, a fictitious story about a veterinary practice, could be forgiven for thinking that hunt monitors are uncaring menopausal nutters and that hunters are the epitome of charm.