fictitious story

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That is a fallacy and a fictitious story cooked up by enemies of progress.
The fictitious story is about Rani Padmaavati who is the second wife of a Rajput King, who had only married her because he had heard of how beautiful she was.
PAL is poised to take legal action against the blogging sites for posting a picture of a PAL cabin crew member in her uniform with a fictitious story entitled, 'PAL FA arrested for PHP1.
Ex-editor Keith Whetstone said in 1981: "It sounds like a completely fictitious story.
It is a fictitious story after all," reads a statement for the Dire Wolf Project.
Ms Masters accused Harrison of inventing a fictitious story after he was paid to take in the drugs.
Gorrie replied by email, saying: "I've passed this on to our solicitors as any story you write will be based solely on Mr McVey's fictitious story and we will have no hesitation in engaging and pursuing libel for any story that is published.
But still, this fictitious story - set against the backdrop of - what precocious German boy Bruno (Jabez Cheeseman) mis-hears as Out-With, asks its audience to take the kind of giant leap of imagination which storytelling, after all, thrives on.
The Policy Department of the National Defense Commission clarified Pyongyang's stand on the sanctions in a statement carried by the KCNA, urging Seoul to "immediately lift the ill-famed 'step'" because it is "based on the fictitious story about the North's involvement in the sinking".
de Villiers, the real-life batsman, wicket-keeper, and captain of the South African One Day International team who plays a small but favorable role in the fictitious story.
ISLAMABAD -- The veteran Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani has issued a legal notice to a Delhi-based English newspaper for causing defamation by publishing a frivolous and fictitious story about the octogenarian leader.
Officers went to the house and took a statement from him, but it was then his fictitious story began to unravel.