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Based upon a fabrication or pretense.

A fictitious name is an assumed name that differs from an individual's actual name. A fictitious action is a lawsuit brought not for the adjudication of an actual controversy between the parties but merely for the purpose of obtaining the opinion of the court on a particular point of law.


adjective apocryphal, arbitrarily invented, chimerical, commenticius, concocted, counterfeit, delusive, erroneous, fabled, fabricated, fake, faked, false, fancied, fanciful, feigned, fictional, fictive, fictus, forged, founded on fiction, illusive, illusory, imaginary, imagined, invented, legendary, make-believe, mendacious, misleading, misrepresentative, mythic, mythical, nonexistent, notional, phony, pretended, sham, spurious, trumped-up, unfounded, unhistorical, unreal, untrue
Associated concepts: fictitious address, fictitious claims, fictiiious corporation, fictitious debts, fictitious name, fictitious parties, fictitious payee, fictitious person, fictitious statements
See also: artificial, assumed, erroneous, evasive, false, feigned, illusory, inaccurate, lying, mendacious, sobriquet, spurious, unfounded, untrue
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majoritarian conception of popular sovereignty that fictitiously assumes
During the reign of Charles II a sheep-gut sheath was said to have been invented by the almost certainly fictitiously named Dr Condom (also known as Quondam or Cundum).
This tendency has been celebrated and perhaps even vindicated in the famous feminist credo: the personal is the political, but in much of the work inspired by this justification one has to recognize a certain self-invested stance: the need to focus on literature that presented women as victims of a patriarchy that they could only fictitiously attempt to control with that unwieldy pen/penis.
because one is not existentially, originally part of that other-world (which one might fictitiously live as if it were one's own, as a colonial person with a metropolitan soul, a ghost or phantom); to negate the knowledge of the evolving historical identity of one's own reality and not differentiate it from that of others; to thus think of that which is alien falsely as one's own, and therefore to define as philosophy what is in essence commentary, and not to aspire to create something different; and in, ethical terms, to be responsible for rendering invisible, for hiding, for making disappear, or for failing to perceive what is one's own, etc.
Instead, it is a novel based on Joplin's varied and adventurous life; all characters, places, and incidents described are either fictitious, or in the case of Joplin's historical contemporaries, used fictitiously.
Yet the discerning King discovered that Nameless was the real assassin in disguise who slew fictitiously the three assassins in order to approach the King himself.
To obtain the high-frequency scattered field, the fictitiously induced equivalent electric and magnetic currents [33-36] are calculated along each blade edge.
in mind the votes of the people who are absent from the country or the countrymen who were fictitiously registered in Yerevan before the
Many authors attempt to fictitiously resolve the Middle East crisis.
The practice is well known: transport firms domiciled fictitiously in Eastern European countries employ low-paid drivers to reduce their costs.
When Yukio was prime minister, one of his campaign funding bodies was accused of having fictitiously listed donors and his chief accountant was sacked and convicted.