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Based upon a fabrication or pretense.

A fictitious name is an assumed name that differs from an individual's actual name. A fictitious action is a lawsuit brought not for the adjudication of an actual controversy between the parties but merely for the purpose of obtaining the opinion of the court on a particular point of law.


adjective apocryphal, arbitrarily invented, chimerical, commenticius, concocted, counterfeit, delusive, erroneous, fabled, fabricated, fake, faked, false, fancied, fanciful, feigned, fictional, fictive, fictus, forged, founded on fiction, illusive, illusory, imaginary, imagined, invented, legendary, make-believe, mendacious, misleading, misrepresentative, mythic, mythical, nonexistent, notional, phony, pretended, sham, spurious, trumped-up, unfounded, unhistorical, unreal, untrue
Associated concepts: fictitious address, fictitious claims, fictiiious corporation, fictitious debts, fictitious name, fictitious parties, fictitious payee, fictitious person, fictitious statements
See also: artificial, assumed, erroneous, evasive, false, feigned, illusory, inaccurate, lying, mendacious, sobriquet, spurious, unfounded, untrue
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Every representation of truth involves elements of fiction, and the difference between so-called documentary and fiction in their depiction of reality is a question of degrees of fictitiousness.
Thus the white writer's profound dilemma of an adequate perception of black culture and character disappeared in fictional solutions whose fictitiousness could not really be questioned.
The paradox in narratives on the putative flaw of the German people in this regard seems obvious: Critics first construct a belief in a "homogenous German culture" and then accuse the Germans of not seeing its fictitiousness.
Caroline's interpretation is, of course, one way of "taking it," and the content of the voice's utterances changes accordingly, announcing the fictitiousness of all of the characters when it next appears.
To follow a reference to Ophelia, seemingly the embodiment of passive and rejected femininity, with entirely the opposite set of characteristics is to play with gender and the notion of "character"--thereby neatly implying the fictitiousness of both--in a way that risks the loss of meaning altogether.
8) The approach in his version of the story mimics the inventiveness, the almost certain fictitiousness, the strangeness of the source, or, to avoid confusion, the pre-source.
Indeed, according to Rescher complete linguistic characterizability of an item would be a mark of its fictitiousness (p.
Both in terms of the reader's suspended disbelief in the artistic "alchemy" or fictitiousness of the book and in terms of "the autobiographical pact" a la Philip Lejeune, in which the reader is invited to test the authenticity of the identity between author, narrator, and protagonist (14), telling of one's terminal illness is perceived as dangerously self-destructive.
Perplexed over the fictitiousness and/or truthfulness of the manuscript (or notebook), she says: "It is the life story of an utterly fictional person, one whom everybody, in actual fact the entire literary world, has always seen as a wholly imaginary creature.
Chao similarly acknowledges the fictitiousness of the location by placing "Sichuan, China" in quotation marks throughout his article.
In a statement for the pavilion catalogue, Ruscha emphasizes the fictitiousness of these sites, saying, "You know, I never visit industrial parks, but my mind lives in one.