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Perreal's "fictive pinture" also suggests that his paintings and poetry signify essentially fictive constructs that, while obscuring and perverting (on account of their fiction) the realities they seek to convey, nevertheless concomitantly point the observer toward those realities and serve as a sign projecting the observer toward the signified object or abstraction, toward Nature.
Toujours selon Achourouk, le fils de la proprietaire de la societe fictive a affirme que les personnes qui ont loue cette residence avaient menace sa mere de mort lorsqu'elle a refuse de leur permettre de changer les cles des bureaux.
Cook's (2011) articulation of the functions of fictive kinship networks among Black educators in New Orleans provides another frame of analysis.
Please see Figure-1 adapted from CONSORT guidelines based on our fictive example of comparison of drugs "A" and "B.
Or the fictive family who made her final years so happy?
In recent years, however, the fictive and even escapist mode has prevailed, so fact-based narratives have generally been eschewed by our filmmakers, with some noteworthy exceptions: Gil Portes' "Liars," recently on view at the Cinemalaya festival, reminds viewers of the time when overaged Filipino "children" undeservingly won an international sports title, and "Captive," Brillante Mendoza's dramatization of the kidnapping of tourists and locals at a posh beach resort.
1) Later, in The Fictive and the Imaginary: Charting Literary Anthropology (1993), Iser explained how the literary text brings "into view the interplay among the fictive, the real, and the imaginary.
The aim of this study is to investigate the perception levels of the messages of didactic fiction texts in fictive context and the student's perception levels of these messages.
Baraka, tout en confirmant le lien direct entre l'investissement et la croissance, a souleve que ces coupes portent sur un "investissement qui n'est pas reel, une enveloppe fictive", expliquant que faire affaire a une coupe sur une enveloppe fictive n'aura pas un impact sur la croissance.
The two employees are being accused of financial fraudulence, abusing their positions to misappropriate (BOC) funds, forge offers and attribute them to fictive companies.
Instead, it provocatively features a fictive, downwardly mobile citizen trying to get hard answers from real-life candidates regarding what they'll do in office to help needy supporters like herself.
Akerman's concerns with narrative and the relationship between the textual and the visual, the fictive and the documentary, are to be mirrored in the show's design, which promises an innovative display of materials selected from the artist's archive.