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Do students correctly understand the messages given in fictive texts?
In addition, Perreal claims to make his artistic creations come to life through "fictive pinture," an ambiguous term suggesting Perreal's fluency in both painting and poetry as well as the close connection between these two arts.
Toujours selon Achourouk, le fils de la proprietaire de la societe fictive a affirme que les personnes qui ont loue cette residence avaient menace sa mere de mort lorsqu'elle a refuse de leur permettre de changer les cles des bureaux.
Cook's (2011) articulation of the functions of fictive kinship networks among Black educators in New Orleans provides another frame of analysis.
Please see Figure-1 adapted from CONSORT guidelines based on our fictive example of comparison of drugs "A" and "B." The diagram is divided into four sections which are enrollment allocation follow up and analyses to describe exclusions and losses and the reasons for losses during each step of the study.
Yes, that was the secret to Huguette's fictive family: money.
To extend this augmentation concept and improve agent learning speed, we artificially increase the number of learning opportunities by giving agents the ability to learn from fictive or counterfactual actions.
They may come from different directions, but they share a dynamic preference for actuality over fictive invention.
(1) Later, in The Fictive and the Imaginary: Charting Literary Anthropology (1993), Iser explained how the literary text brings "into view the interplay among the fictive, the real, and the imaginary." (2) More recently, in Story Logic: Problems and Possibilities of Narrative (2004), David Herman has emphasized narrative as an instrument of mind, describing the processes by which readers co-construct narrative worlds as "worlding the story" and "storying the world." Strangely, Oatley's entire discussion of creativity and imagined worlds--"we write our own versions of what we read" (62)--neither extends nor nuances Iser's or Herman's far more developed theories of fiction as a sense-making activity.
"I share narration with a poet who lives in the famous Nonsuch House on the bridge, creating fictive characters ...
They go by the name of "fictive visual precepts" meaning that your brain is making up images for what your eye can't see.
Baraka, tout en confirmant le lien direct entre l'investissement et la croissance, a souleve que ces coupes portent sur un "investissement qui n'est pas reel, une enveloppe fictive", expliquant que faire affaire a une coupe sur une enveloppe fictive n'aura pas un impact sur la croissance.