fictive creation

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At first, this monster sounds like the fictive creation of the personality group's combined imagination-but, the time comes when bizarre fiction becomes virulent and violent fact!
were arrested over the fictive creation of jobs for the UNM activists in course of implementation of the state-run employment program, in
If Marie's survival as Francesca has been authored by Patsy, then all the 'present day' scenes of the two women as adults are also a fictive creation.
Babbitt loved his hometown, just as Sinclair Lewis loved his fictive creation Babbitt and his home state of Minnesota, whose 87 counties and county seats Lewis memorized.
Only a "modest coming-together" can be shown as evidence of a "Southern mind" before 1860, he argues, thus characterizing the South as less a real place than a fictive creation of revisionary historians and writers.
Their ensuing poverty, even underdevelopment, is not merely a fictive creation of "excessive enrichment" as he claims, but an inescapable social reality.
Thus, they think we must urge writers to think of audience as actual readers reading their texts, as well as invoked, fictive creations of their own imaginations.