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If Nebraska is to live for the mind, the description may have to acknowledge its fictiveness so that Nebraska matters because of how it solicits imagined details.
Such narrative formation of interracial object, however, betrays its fictiveness when the white-looking body directly confronts the white observer to invalidate the linguistically constructed difference.
On the other hand, Krog's acknowledgement of her sources for this episode--her basis for the fantasy--indicates its fictiveness, that is to say, its infidelity.
Lesbian Studies is often thought to have stubbornly refused the insights of postmodernist theory about sex, gender, and sexuality, insights that the categories through which we live our lives in a heteronormative culture are socially constructed, that it is our chief political task to reject those categories publicly and disruptively, to expose the fictiveness of the categories themselves and the preposterousness of treating the masculine-male/feminine-female pairing as nature's paradigm for all human sexuality.
He will rock her softly" suggests the nascence of relation, in all its fictiveness, at the site of abjection: just as a dream once lodged in the lioness's deformed head, the reborn lion imagines her as separate enough, though lodged in him, to be softly rocked--and the maternal resonance of the final line suggests re-rebirth.
First, with an ironic tone of worldliness, Dunsany foregrounds his text's fictiveness, anticipating post-war cynicism and suggesting the possibility that the book might be read as a kind of fantastic satire (perhaps in the vein of his more cynical American contemporary James Branch Cabell): "This text really is a history (wink, wink)," the first sentence seems to say.
Portia illustrates the Lacanian notion of the necessary fictiveness of history and, on a broader level too, it could be argued that Carr's work forces the audience to confront atavistic aspects of Irishness that in spite of our rapid modernization seem to lurk in the wings waiting for their cue.
In an era in which photography's truth-value has been destabilized, painting--wearing its fictiveness on its sleeve--reemerges as a viable vehicle for examining the past.
Moments in which the people have performed an immoral act (other than doubting) and where the idiom of punishment may therefore seem appropriate, must be seen within the frame of the many other moments where the infliction of hurt is explicitly presented as a "sign" of God's realness and therefore a solution to the problem of his unreality, his fictiveness.
Their gay graduate student, Bil Thurston, who later accompanied them as their fictive kin, also has a piece exploring the fictiveness of kinship.
Upon this foundation the theory's other elements rest: the primacy of the human body; the rejection of history's claim to truth; the accommodation of mutability; dramas insistence on its own fictiveness.
Kinkead-Weekes's spirit of critical enquiry brings before the bar writings such as Sons and Lovers, Look We Have Come Through, Mr Noon and Frieda's Not I, But the Wind and finds them all guilty as charged of a significant degree of autobiographical fictiveness as are all the lively accounts of contemporary acquaintances.