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Pratchett's theory is in the same vein as what Gottschall describes as "Homo fictus (fiction man), the great ape with the storytelling mind" (xiv) and echoes Herman's idea of "narrative [.
151), traduzione che non tiene conto del valore negativo che ha nel nostro italiano l'aggettivo 'finto,' mentre il fictus del latino significa piuttosto il 'plasmarsi' di una figura.
19) Of course, the nonexistent character, who is labeled Fictus in both manuscripts, claims to have tied up Saudret as well, but the boy remains free.
19) In Servet's "B" manuscript of the Angers Resurrection from 1491, it is Fictus who proposes playing "Broche en Cul" (p.
He first differentiates between Homo Fictus and Homo Sapiens.
Hemingway's make and do, incidentally, are reasonable translations for the Latin root of friction (fictio, fictus, past participle of fingere, to form).