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My valet was all impatience to follow them; and was as fidgety about my dilatory movements as a diner out waiting hat in hand at the bottom of the stairs for some lagging companion.
Now, I am a fidgety little man, and always love to have something in my fingers; so that, being debarred from my wife's curls, I looked about me for any other plaything.
So Miss Lavish proceeded through the streets of the city of Florence, short, fidgety, and playful as a kitten, though without a kitten's grace.
When it was in place they stood side by side on the door-step, watching Daniel Byrne plunge off behind his fidgety horse.
Sir Leicester is fidgety down at Chesney Wold, with no better company than the goat; he complains to Mrs.
I have a vision still before me, of twenty out of these fifty guests, solemnly executing intricate figure-dances, under the superintendence of an infirm local dancing-master--a mere speck of fidgety human wretchedness twisting about in the middle of an empty floor.
Rook of murder, because the poor woman looked at a door, and disliked being in the next room to a fidgety old maid.
I begin to get fidgety and irritable; I find myself secretly doubting the trustworthiness of the guide.
Uncle Gigonnet-Bidault, who had dined at the house, had a restless, fidgety look in his eye which frightened Bixiou.
The meeting began to be somewhat fidgety also, for the contest directed their attention to the dangers, if not the actual impossibilities, of the proposed expedition.
The young man, although he could not ignore his companion's unsociable instincts, was fidgety.
The mare's fidgety," he added, nodding towards the horse-box, before which they were standing, and from which came the sound of restless stamping in the straw.