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The mare's fidgety," he added, nodding towards the horse-box, before which they were standing, and from which came the sound of restless stamping in the straw.
"There, you see how fidgety she is," said the Englishman.
The young man, although he could not ignore his companion's unsociable instincts, was fidgety.
Once, when I arrived at six o'clock, Lena was ushering out a fidgety mother and her awkward, overgrown daughter.
First, every drawer in the tall, old-fashioned bureau is to be opened, with difficulty, and with a succession of spasmodic jerks then, all must close again, with the same fidgety reluctance.
This sort of thing made Emma Jane nervous and fidgety, but she was Rebecca's slave and hugged her chains, no matter how uncomfortable they made her.
While he was drinking his moderate allowance, he said, with nothing to lead up to it, and after having appeared rather fidgety:
Sir Leicester is fidgety down at Chesney Wold, with no better company than the goat; he complains to Mrs.
At that point, they had no complaint but when defeat is imminent, they are getting fidgety about EVMs."
Some Merseysippi favourites had suggestive titles - like Fidgety Feet, Sage Hen Strut and Funky Butt - and they were playing The Cavern long before The Beatles.
Such incidence causes fidgety amongst the doctors community.
Even dancing, I resemble a puppet that has been given to a fidgety three year old.