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It has a field of view of 23 metres at 100 metres with a 100-mm eye relief and features a 1.75 MOA dot with ten brightness settings (three for NVG, six for daylight use and one super bright for extremely sunny days).
Distributed Imaging is a patented technology, developed by Scallop, where the outputs of multiple megapixel image sensors are fused in real-time within the camera to produce seamless images of any field of view or resolution.
NGC 206 makes a squat isosceles triangle with M32 and the nucleus of the Andromeda Galaxy, but the trick is to keep these distractingly bright objects out of the field of view. At 90x NGC 206 is a faint oblong haze approximately as long as M32 but one-third as wide.
* 100-degree angulation with an 80-degree field of view.
* The IVC-3D-300 is intended for material handling and logistics applications with a field of view of 1,000 mm (H), up to 1.48 m (W) and a 1.2 mm (H) resolution.
Megapixel resolution cameras and digital zoom capability can help better enhance the detail of interest in a wide field of view scene, from a person to a license plate.
The camera's range enables it to cover a wide field of view, making it ideal for use in midsize businesses.
While the ShaPix unit is not an on-line unit (at least not yet, although it is sufficiently hardened to operate within a factory), what it does do is collect more than a million data points in a 300 X 300-mm field of view, using laser light.
An instrument aboard SOHO can detect these comets because it has a large field of view and masks the sun's blinding light.--R.C.
Further research expanded on this finding, resulting in the distinction between the field of view that is determined by the physical nature of the observer's visual system and the "functional" (Sanders, 1970) or "useful" (Mackworth, 1976) field of view, which is a restriction of a person's field of view imposed by limits in his or her visual information processing capacity.
The micro IRt/c has a 1:2 field of view; micro IRt/c.4, a 4:1 field of view; and micro IRt/c.4SV has a 4:1 field of view, side view mount, and a built-in air purge.