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It unites us with the countless generations of believers who found meaning in everything that passed within their field of vision.
Ophthalmoscopy checks the optic nerve at the back of the eye; Perimetry assesses the field of vision and Tonometry measures the pressure of the eye.
Writing over two decades ago in The Pursuit of Loneliness, Philip Slater identified a social current he dubbed the "Toilet Assumption" According to Slater, this was the seemingly universal belief that "unwanted unwanted difficulties, unwanted complexities and obstacles will disappear if they are removed from our immediate field of vision.
NRT's device has a field of vision from 12 to 30 in.
We should increase our field of vision to take in the world.
com), this is among the first pieces of strategic writing with a field of vision this broad.
vvThere was a big in-running upset in the opener at Brighton when 5-2 chance Art Collection found another gear inside the final furlong to collar the 2-1 favourite Field Of Vision and secure an unlikely success after touching a high of 800.
Fit for purpose: Optimising your field of vision and being able to see as widely and clearly as possible is essential while driving.
It's quite common to see small specks, known as floaters, that appear to drift in your field of vision.
The whole reason you are taught to reverse round a corner when learning to drive is to enable you to perform this manoeuvre into a parking space or drive, therefore giving you a clear field of vision when driving away.
The instrument, which tests a patient's field of vision, has been designed to offer an affordable and portable method of detecting glaucoma in the community.
In each patient the treated eye was more sensitive to light, and its field of vision increased, allowing a wider area to be seen.