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The woman driver, whose name has not been revealed, said: "My field of vision was sufficient.
When you stop and think about it, it's appalling that so many lethally heavy trucks plough along our roads with drivers without a proper field of vision.
Existing missile guidance devices can only achieve about 20 degree field of vision -- this means that the camera has to be attached to a mechanical mount and swivelled around to scan wide areas.
Some people go years, or whole lifetimes, without considering a thing out of their narrow field of vision.
We have to recognize our gaze, the one-way exercise of power that renders those in our field of vision as objects.
It can't be easy to get through a scene with people roaming in and out of your performance space and field of vision.
US firm Microvision has brought to market a system, licensed from a patent that came out of research done at the University of Washington, that projects lasers directly onto the retina, allowing users to view images on top of their normal field of vision.
Technical changes approved by Euro MPs in Strasbourg will mean manufacturers have to increase the field of vision for drivers of cars, buses and lorries.
If you limit your view of a problem to choosing between two sides, you inevitably reject much that is true, and you narrow your field of vision to the limits of those two sides, making it unlikely you'll pull back, widen your field of vision, and discover the paradigm shift that will permit truly new understanding.
Crane then contextualizes Simmel's field of vision itself, suggesting his conclusions might be skewed because he unwittingly limited his observations to those working-class people most often visible to the middle class: skilled male and unmarried female workers.
The optometrist can also pick up other MS clues, such as a pale optic disc and loss of field of vision.
Once enough nerve cells are destroyed, you begin to lose your peripheral field of vision.