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Relationships between lodging, stem anatomy, and reaction to Mycosphaerella blight in field pea.
The objective of this study, therefore, was to quantify the effects of wheat at 2 levels of management intensity, and green manured field pea sown as rotation crops on temporal changes in soil quality (including incidence of soil-borne diseases and arbuscular mycorrhiza); cotton growth, yield and nutrient uptake; and gross margins in an irrigated Vertosol in the central-west of New South Wales.
2]O were greatest in treatment 6 (wheat grown in canola stubble with N fertiliser); emissions from the two treatments previously sown to annual medic (treatment 4) and field peas (treatment 5) were not significantly different from each other (Fig.
Biochemical and genetic linkage analysis of green seed color in field pea (Pisum sativum L.
4) I then sow in the beds a mix of oats and field peas (which remember will set nitrogen in the beds for the heavy-feeding asparagus).
Yield data used for this study were taken from the field pea cultivar trials conducted by AFPRVT collaborators from 1997 to 20111.
The 157 field pea variety trials used for this study were performed across 5 yr: 11 trials in 1997, 20 in 1998, 44 in 1999, 39 in 2000, and 43 in 2001 (Table 1).
Development of a molecular marker for pea weevil resistance in field pea.
The grain yields per surviving plant (YP) were highest for the yellow field pea and dry bean in the absence of salts (Table 9).
At -4 [degrees] C, soybean and field pea had over 80% survival at 1 wk of age, but the rate of survival tended to decrease with increasing age.
Suppresses Weeds: most clovers, Austrian peas, field peas, soybeans, vetches, barley, buckwheat; cereal rye, oats, ryegrass, Sudan grass
00 Qtls of Field pea, Lentil, Khesari, Mustard fresh finished product of C/S I(FielsP Pea, Lentil, Mustard) & Khesari C/S I &T/L category.