field questions

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PATHOLOGIST Professor Sir Bernard Knight will field questions at the University of Glamorgan today.
20 to field questions from students like Roberts who had gathered at the Northlands College program centre in La Ronge for a chance to learn about space travel.
They will be able to field questions to the board on Monday, September 17.
The Trump siblings field questions from a packed room
Headteacher Bernadette Doherty said several teachers were having to field questions from the pupils about whether such a thing was likely to happen to them.
During the event, Lynn and Strossen will offer thoughts on church-state separation in America today and field questions from attendees.
Full utilization should include providing training and query access to key financial aid, billing, and registration screens in the student system for all staff who are likely to field questions from students.
MailSport columnist Gordon Waddell will field questions from Hibs fans at Easter Road on Tuesday night along with team manager Bobby Williamson, Clyde One's Andy Walker and Gary Mackay of Radio Forth.
They criss-crossed the country, attending synods to explain the agreement and field questions, occasionally from skeptical members who had a healthy mistrust of the national office and of all things that appear to originate in Toronto.
They are there to field questions and concerns with regard to the company's newly updated product, called 4Site.
I give him high marks for coming down to the press room frequently to field questions.

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