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With Fields of View, Marshall acknowledges this truth, and makes us wish, with longing for all things lost, that it were not so.
Microwave antennas with wide fields of view are becoming increasingly important.
Modularity is the word, with a monocular colour 800 x 600 oled display on the back while the daylight TV channel has a 1024 x 768 pixels CCD and two channels, with wide (7.6[degrees]) and narrow (2.5[degrees]) fields of view.
Some objects, such as the Beehive and Pleiades star clusters, are very large, and require wide fields of view to frame them well.
Accuracy of the system is said to be better than 0.2% of the fields of view, and the resolution is better than 0.025%.
Such curvaceous electronic circuits may eventually lead to compact cameras with extra-wide fields of view that could be used for spying and for preventing aircraft collisions, says study coauthor Sigurd Wagner.
Scanning reflectors must sacrifice beam quality or illumination efficiency to maintain reasonable performance at the extreme edges of their fields of view. Similar to designing a flat amplifier frequency response, wide field of view reflectors are not the optimum design at any given scan value, but perform well across all scan angles.