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A connection between didactic education and field experience is facilitated not only by the fieldwork educator's professional knowledge but also by his or her ability as an educator to facilitate a student learning experience (Rodger, Fitzgerald, Davila, Millar, & Allison, 2011).
In the remaining sections, the contributors draw upon experiences of and findings from fieldwork in independent Timor-Leste.
The former leads to what I have dubbed 'friendship, fieldwork, and self' while the latter results in projected cartography represented in the world.
Field research supported by Geographical Fieldwork Grants this year includes, among others, projects in Iceland, Canada, Madagascar, Chile and Cambodia.
While reflexivity allows the researchers to be more open to the challenges to their theoretical positions that fieldwork would inevitably raise, it can also change researchers and their positions relative to the others in the field.
Some students may feel anxious prior to fieldwork because they may not be able to imagine their field experience.
The study revealed that students began fieldwork with an array of assumptions and beliefs.
On Saturday, we explored the area around Malham Cove, completing innovative and exciting fieldwork activities.
This may be relevant to the ways in which some sorts of fieldwork experiences are very memorable and contribute positively to the way people look back on them.
Throughout, bars of Schoenberg wafted by, expertly interlaid by Fieldwork both compositionally and improvisationally.
The fellows will collaborate with a number of organizations focused on Latin America to build a network of scholars and sources that can advance their fieldwork projects.
Regardless of how many manuals, study aids or handbooks you read before, a true understanding of fieldwork is only achieved through its practice.