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There's fiendishness, too; in the demands on the players whose stamina and dexterity are tested to the limits in the vigorous Allegro and if Benedetti hadn't told us so, you certainly wouldn't have imagined this was hers and Osborne's first recital together - maybe they've each found their sonata partner
42) The La Plata Crescent, voice of the residents of the county seat, declared the crime of which Cocking stood accused "heinous," and added, "when defenseless women are foully murdered while asleep language is too beg-garly to describe the brutal fiendishness of such an action.
It is a terrible and mortifying thing to 'grass' on a friend, but the sheer fiendishness of the plot afoot leaves me no option.
As Australians are evacuated from prison camps, the black chapters of Japanese fiendishness rapidly grow.
Discussing his own Napoleon Fallen, Buchanan criticizes Swinburne's republicanism and poetic taste; in Buchanan's eyes, Swinburne is seen as "that conscienceless & miserable inanity, little Swinburne," whose verses "brooded, with a feminine fiendishness, over the prospect of physical suffering & torture to the subject.
A name change would 'hand down to posterity the detestation with which the inhabitants viewed the fiendishness of the German nation'.
Fiendishness is not redeemed by comic, vertiginous nausea at the natural; it is merely rationalized.
NOT such a tragic place to live - with more fun than fiendishness to be had from the fury of Harry Cross (inset) after his garden gnomes were kidnapped.
Now along comes an Oriental gent - in the flesh rather than the child of the imagination of Earl Derr Biggers or Sax Rohmer - whose inscrutability and fiendishness are of levels undreamed of by any product of any pen.
A God who could commit sentient beings to eternal torture cannot be considered anything other than monstrously evil and unjust--a being of such evil, horribleness, and fiendishness that none worse can be conceived.