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Examination of exemplary word by exemplary word details the trials in standardizing scientific terms, the translation of components of Latin words, the use of lexical pairs for precision, especially in German, the formation of "Europeanisms." Thus Balbiani opens one view after another of early modern scientific language in fieri.
Los cinco capitulos restantes obedecen a una intertextualidad de signo postestructuralista cuando no decididamente deconstructivista que complica el retrato de Niebla como un objeto acabado y fijado en el tiempo entre otros textos que lo motivaron y otros subsiguientes que se inspiraron en el, para ofrecer una vision de la nivola como ser in fieri o incluso como no-ser: como el espacio (o "intersticio") resultante del cruce de diversos discursos, lecturas, ideologias y aun variantes del propio texto.
Avverte l'autore che il libro e stato pensato come un percorso in fieri e non intende avanzare tutte le possibili tipologie, ma presentarsi come una proposta di lavoro suscettibile di successivi ampliamenti.
Dormant for the last five years, this project initially called for the building of a natural gas pipeline connecting the Platy Imathias/Ptolemais area with the city of Fieri in Albania.
The most interesting English comment is based on a distinction between existing in fieri, that is in becoming, and existing in factum est, as an accomplished fact.
Bentley observed that 'pluma' never means 'lanugo', and that if it did, the 'in faciem verterit hispidam' which follows would be pointless repetition; 'ut ne addam absurdum esse, quam barbam iam plumam hoc est mollem vocaverit, eandem e vestigio hispidam fieri'.
The Ministry of Health should look closer to the other needs of the hospital for coverage with professionals, doctors, cardiologists, reanimators and other professions needed by the society or Fieri. " which should spread also in other circles.
Meanwhile, relatively new on the scene in comparison, American celebrity chef Guy Fieri's Kitchen & Bar Dine-in by Reel Cinemas at the Jebel Ali Recreation Club holds its own in this competitive market.
The new features include the Platinum Suites, Dine-In-Cinema experience with Guy Fieri's signature menu along with International cuisines, as well as a standalone 170-seater Guy Fieri's Kitchen, the stunning cinema experience with Dolby Cinema and the first ScreenX in the Middle East.
EDT - "Guy Fieri's Feeding Frenzy" - Guy Fieri ("Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives") heads to the Bahamas in this Shark Week special, produced by Citizen Pictures.
Reel Cinemas has teamed up with chef Guy Fieri to launch the first stand-alone Dine-In Cinema featuring his American Kitchen concept in the Middle East.
The addition of Reel Cinemas -- Rove Downtown to Emaar Entertainment's growing portfolio follows the recent launches of Emaar Entertainment's pioneering VR Park in The Dubai Mall, and Guy Fieri's Kitchen & Bar and Dine-in Cinema by Reel Cinemas at Jebel Ali Recreation Club.