fieri facias

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Fieri Facias

[Latin, Cause (it) to be done.] The name of a writ of execution that directs a sheriff to seize and sell the goods and chattels of a Judgment Debtor in order to satisfy the judgment against the debtor.

In its original form, the writ directed the seizure and sale of goods and chattels only, but eventually was enlarged to permit levy on real property, too; largely synonymous with a modern writ of execution.

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fieri facias

a writ in the prescribed form appropriate to the particular case, expressed in the form of a royal command directing the sheriff of the county in which the judgment debtor's goods are situated to seize in execution such of those goods as are authorized to be seized by law and to sell so much of them as may be sufficient to satisfy the judgment debt. The usual method of enforcement of a money judgment is by way of a writ of fieri facias.
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