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DAVID Cameron and Ed Miliband traded furious insults in one of their fieriest ever confrontations at Prime Minister's Questions, as the Labour leader fought to regain the initiative on party funding after a fortnight of damaging headlines over alleged ballot-rigging in Falkirk.
The lack of responsibility towards the individual's health, passivity and adoption of the patient status is one of the fieriest critiques.
Red Chilli Chamba Chukh, the fieriest version of Chamba's ginger-garlic chukh.
Heavy artillery and APCs partake in fieriest clashes in Damascus.
the first and fieriest case of hostility in what appeared to be a place of living in harmony and amity.
The fieriest individuals aren't always those with the greatest depth.
The favourite's fieriest rivals are Snake In The Grass and Saheq.
Romeo's Juliet is not only his Jule (jewel) of July, born on Lammas Eve in the fieriest part of the year, but also light breaking from a window and the sun rising in the east (1.
But there is little evidence, if any, that the American left will be able to avert its collective eyes from the ruin of its fieriest utopian fantasies, any more than the Truitts proved able to extract them selves from their narrow, saddening nostalgia, any more than Porter Shreve has been able to rid himself of his adolescent political attachments-and that the petulant, expansive Ours of his title, the outraged cry of a child, mayo well be on American lips and in American cars for years to come.
Johnson, published in Vancouver an essay filled with bloodhounds, mutilations, attempted rape, incest, floggings, and sudden discoveries of long-lost sons--the whole a potpourri of the fieriest of abolitionist tracts--Canadians reminded themselves, quite properly, of the irrelevance of this tale to their experience.
But Bellamy's transfer window move to Celtic Park has seen one of the fieriest temperaments in the game rediscover an almost unplayable slice of form in partnership with Welsh colleague John Hartson.
ONE of the fieriest and most talented double acts in country music is about to hit the road again.