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com in 2007 for the lack of any desi-centric fashion blog at that time, say, "The blog is for the woman who appreciates a classic 'lbd' (a symbol of timeless chic), for the woman who can carry off the fieriness of high heels (a symbol of undisputable sensuality) and for the woman who dares to defy convention even if it means going bald -- because when it comes to personal style, not everyone likes being slaves to fashion pundits.
And he keeps opening it; having opted to divorce Juliana and adhere to Martia, and having been exposed to the latter's fieriness, he certainly should not choose to be cold to her.
With Glacial Decoy (1979), Brown first ventured into the proscenium theater with all the fieriness of her personal imagery and sense of play; with O Composite (2004), she first tackled the language of ballet and managed to express its universal aspects.
The plantain is crispy and the fish plentiful and tasty," said Mark, "and there's a hint of fieriness.
Brilliance in horses is often combined with fieriness, but they all just got on with it.
And the fiery antidote may take its fieriness from a biblical antidote.
awareness of the fieriness of fire, the wildness of wind, the turbulence
Its fieriness made up for the mildness of the other two.
The fieriness my ancestors had, I think I also must have in me because when I lined up to compete for Britain, it took a lot of heart and soul to get out there and be at war with my competitors.