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Immunologic assays remain the most sensitive method to detect PV-B19 infection in almost all cases of fifth disease (94), (95).
About 50% of adults, however, have been previously infected with parvovirus B19, have developed immunity to the virus, and cannot get fifth disease.
William Wadlington described fifth disease over 30 years ago after reviewing over 100 childhood cases (Adams & Ware, 1996).
They concluded that I had something called parvovirus, or fifth disease which is something that affects a lot of kids and some adults and is quite common.
Many people have never heard of fifth disease even though most have been infected with it.
Fifth disease or slapped cheek syndrome, is caused by a parvovirus.
Infection with parvovirus B19, called erythema infectiosum and fifth disease, is also challenging to diagnose.
Other contagious rash-causing diseases of childhood, fifth disease, roseola, scarlet fever, and impetigo, may not have the same amount of name recognition, but lack of fame doesn't mean that they don't cause problems
The results of the study do not contradict previous findings that fetal death is associated with such febrile diseases as fifth disease, listeriosis, and psittacosis because such infections are rare and account for only a small percentage of febrile diseases overall.
The medical term for this condition is fifth disease or erythema infectiosum.