fifty percent

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If parties are sufficiently strong enough to achieve fifty percent of the vote in an election then it will not matter if this process is in place.
Noting the success of the iDinor plan, they have designed this new fifty percent discount offer to serve customers in a better way.
Purchase anything you want and get a flat discount of fifty percent.
ONEHOPE 2009 CHARDONNAY: Fifty percent of profits from the sale of ONEHOPE Chardonnay go to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation whose focus is on education, prevention from early detection and treatment of breast cancer.
The ECA serves as an advocacy organization for the interactive entertainment consumers who represent nearly fifty percent of the population, have an average age of 33, and spend $10 billion a year on gaming.
2 million of obligations as a several guarantor of fifty percent of OLP's senior secured debt.
67 per share, with warrants for fifty percent of the amount of shares issued exercisable at 115% of the share price, and fifty percent exercisable at 125% of the share price.
All Pet Food Warehouse locations will donate fifty percent of the proceeds from the event to Canine Companions for Independence, a non-profit organization which trains Assistance Dogs for people with disabilities.
KROG will retain a fifty percent (50%) working interest and will operate the two properties.
those with children cited losing weight as a top priority (over fifty percent while those without children indicated increased physical activity (forty-four percent) as a key concern.
Fifty Percent Response Rate and 86 Percent Disease Control Observed With Weekly ABRAXANE in Combination with Carboplatin
The mineral reserves in Russia are worth $30 trillion, with oil and gas taking up a lion's share of fifty percent.