fifty-two weeks

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Call it half a dollar, and there are fifty-two weeks in the year.
Lamberton presents general interest readers with a collection of anecdotes based on the authorAEs attempt to visit fifty-two iconic Arizona sites in the fifty-two weeks of one year.
Chasing Arizona: One Man's Yearlong Obsession with the Grand Canyon State follows the author's idea of visiting fifty-two places in fifty-two weeks, a plan which covers all the scenic and many of the manmade attractions of the state, and is suitable both as an armchair read and for destination planning.
30pm, an average of generally five (5) days per week, fifty-two weeks per year.
Art with Anything offers fifty-two weeks of art projects, with each week focusing on a specific everyday material.
The report found that even though Australian women are granted up to fifty-two weeks of unpaid leave, their total benefits earned after the first six months amount to less than $500.
Consolidated net sales for the fifty-two weeks of 2002 increased 11% to $1,345,957,000 compared with sales of $1,211,245,000 for the fifty-two weeks of 2001.
Apprentices receive salaried contracts of up to fifty-two weeks, with benefits, including health insurance.
The author has organized the main body of his text in fifty-two chapters devoted to fifty-two lessons in fifty-two weeks.
company to perform fifty-two weeks a year, directed by Florence Rogge, then Margaret Sande, then Marc Platt (Marc Platoff when he was with the Ballets Russes).